Reading Challenges and Writing Goals

The new year is finally here and I have decided to get this blog going!

My ex-husband thinks he is being an insulting bully by saying I always have my nose stuck in a book, but I think he is really afraid of an intellectual woman who thinks for herself!

So, what am I doing?  A reading challenge this year, not that I don’t always read, but thought this year I would make things more exciting!  In addition to the Reading Challenge, I am also writing, not just reviews, but novels as well!

In an effort to read and write daily, I have made some goals (I don’t do resolutions!) two are which are to read and write more.  My reading goal is 150+ books for the year, and my writing goal is to become a published novelist!  There will be reviews on the books I have read this year and not only that, I will do them for other authors interested.  

This is one of the challenges that I am working on this year –  Book Riot and they have a Goodreads Group set up for that as well.  If you enjoy reading as much as I do, then you will enjoy their challenge!  Happy Reading!